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''Education Volunteering Project'' - European Solidarity Corps

From the 1st of February until the 25th of June our volunteer Magdalini took part in the European Solidarity Corps titled '''Education Volunteering Project'', which took place in Lefkosia, Cyprus. The project was hosted by the NGO ''Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton'' , in the framework of Erasmus+, under the aegis of the European Commission. Magdalini not only got involved with educating and teaching children at specific schools in Cyprus, but also she assisted in many activities that the hosting NGO developed and organized throughout this period. 

Below you can read Magdalini's thoughts and experiences after the closure of this unique volunteering program! 














 It is hard to find the words to describe all the feelings that I am flooded with, about this project and all the things that I gained. To be honest, I do not even know where to start, so I will take it since day one.From the moment I entered the house, I realized that the leaving conditions would be a little rough. The water was the main problem, and every day was getting worse and worse. However, through the difficulties that me and my flat mates, I think we manage to become a stronger team and be grateful about the little things in life, such as a hot shower or a refrigerator. Even though I sound like I am complaining, I seriously remember this and laugh my heart out.

One of the best moments in my ESC though, was when we started going to schools and working with all these children. The feeling of responsibility that I had, since the first day, about my “little mice” and how I could work with them and make their learning funnier and more creative made me waking up every day with a smile on my face and with happiness, even though I had to start school at 07:45, and believe me, that was a huge change in my daily routine. 

Another thing that I remember with joy, is how different cultures and personalities the six of us had, and somehow, we managed to live peaceful, without a single fight in our record and compromise “like mature adults” that we are. From Romania, to Greece and Italy, so many different ideas, experiences and backgrounds and I am so grateful I had to learn those people, have crazy water wars, passionate disagreements, different opinions about religions, afterlife, political views, football teams and Eurovision. 

Unfortunately, even if I had all the pages in the world, I cannot talk about my ESC project and express all the feelings and the knowledge that it gave me. The thing is, when someone applies for a project like this, thinks about the experience that is going to gain in the working field. ESC is more like that. It is about who you will become after it. And for me, there was not a single day that I thought I wasted my time. You do not have the chance everyday to wake up in the morning and find an Italian guy talking about Salvini in the kitchen, or a Romanian girl trying to learn how to play piano in the living room. Last but not least, you do not have the chance to go to a school full of kids that know your name and ask you “Kiria, when do we have classes with you”. Moreover, you do not meet people that give you the freedom to create inside a school and trust you enough to not even check your work until it is finished, because they know it is going to be better that what they expected.

As I said before, I could talk days about this project and the impact it had on me and still I would forget something. The most important staff is this: it is worth it. Every moment, every person, every experience, it is worthy! 



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